What Is A Cat House?

What is a Cat House?

It´s a place for your cat to sleep, observe, hide, relax or chill out when he or she wants to. A place that belongs to the cat where humans won´t bother them when they just want to get away from the hassles of everyday cat life and lay down in the luxurious surroundings they deserve (at least, that´s their opinion) and survey their territory.

Cat houses  are warm, dry, comfortable structures for cats to use as a base, a sort of Cat HQ from where they plan their next move, whether to play, hunt, eat or perhaps engage in the favourite cat passtime of taking a nap.

Cats houses come in many forms, from the basic dog kennel type structure to the cat equivalent of a stately home or castle, we´ve seen some fantastic ideas being turned into reality by people building dwellings for their own  pets and hope to dedicate a page to extreme cat abodes in the future.

About Awesome Cat Houses.com

Your cat loves you, you are his world and awesomecathouses.com or Cat HQ (as we sometimes like to call ourselves) would like to show you a few ways to make his life better and reward him for his dedication to you. This may be in the form of his own little place in the garden, or some fantastic cat toys or maybe a dream cat tree with numerous places for him to hide and play, it´s your choice. The sad truth is that our cat family members are often not with us for a long time so it´s up to us to make that life as awesome and special as possible.

www.awesomecathouses.comWe´ll be making weekly updates to the site and it is our sincere hope that over time we will have the very best things to show you in a variety of areas, not just housing, and we´ll find not only the finest in feline furniture and entertainment, but we´ll also try our absolute hardest to keep it affordable so that all cat owners can find something here to enhance their four legged family member´s happiness.

If you´re wondering why we don´t have the prices listed it´s because they can change on an hourly basis in many cases and we don´t want to fall on the wrong side of the law by posting false prices and upsetting buyers or sellers. All you have to do is click on the links provided and you´ll get an instant price in most cases from both United Kingdom and United States.

We hope you find what you´re looking for and please feel free to leave us a comment on any page at any time, we´d love to hear your thoughts and wherever necessary we´ll get back to you as soon as possible.

So with all that said, we thank you very much for your visit and invite you to browse a few personally selected homes on the pages below, or for toys, trees, carry cases and more the links are above this section.

Dec Buckley and Ozzy The Cat.

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Paws T-Shirt

Everybody loves cats, and everybody loves the Jaws movies, so this Paws T-Shirt is an absolute winner. They´re unisex and available right now from Amazon  and you can check out the price from THE UK HERE or THE USA HERE.

Treat yourself and please leave us a commPaws T-Shirt Unisexent to let us know if you like it.

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Outdoor Cat Shelter

This outdoor cat shelter has a few advantages over others, not least the fact that it comes already built so no need to assemble the structure upon delivery as is often the case.

As you can see it has a window and a two way cat flap and is the ideal garden get away for your little buddy when he or she needs their own space. It also helps that it´s quite easy on the eye and won´t look ugly in your garden,

The top comes off for easy cleaning and maintenance and it gets more than the average number of great reviews on Amazon.

Want to know the price? Click Here!

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Vivapet Outdoor Animal House

It´s cheap and cheerful, basic and effective. This outdoor animal shelter at the time of us posting this was around the £20 mark which is peanuts as it may not look like much, but it covers all the bases.

It can be used as a home for any small animals, cats, guinea pigs, rabbits, even small dogs! The top lifts off for easy cleaning, it´s winter weatherproof and the ramp at the front can be lifted up and locked. A great garden retreat for for your pet.

We could only find it for sale in The Uk and you can find it HERE!

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Hepper Pod Cat Bed

Strictly speaking, it´s not a cat house, it´s a modern cat bed with a cave like space for Little Ozzy (Ozzy is my own cat) to curl up and sleep in comfort on the removeable and washable fleece bedding inside. It´s raised off the ground to allow air to circulate thus not becoming stinky.

The top is removeable if your cat doesn´t enjoy too much privacy.

Click here to get it from the UK

Click here to get it from the USA

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Kerbl Diva Metal Frame Cat House

This Cat House is all about comfort and class. The clue is in the name here so if your furry friend is a bit of a diva this may be the relaxing spot for them.

Downstairs is somewhere to get away from the world when you grow weary of its hassles and upstairs is a place to relax in splendor and pass the hours on the washable plush cushion. All the while surrounded by elegant black metal framework. What a life.

Sadly this item is only available in The UK.

Click here to get it.

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Trixie 3-story Cat House

The Trixie 3 Story Cat House gives your cat a variety of places to hide, sleep, peep out of or chill behind the open double doors.

The wood is treated so it can be used indoors or out and the bottom level has plastic slatted strips to allow easy access.

At the back is a large hinged door so any maintenance you may need to do is easy to reach.

It requires assembly once delivered but we are assured this is an easy enough job.

Get It In The UK Here

Get It In The USA Here

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Kerbl Cat House Lodge

This little piece of feline luxury is two stories high and weatherproof with the wood having been glazed with protective paint and a bitumen roof, so it´s ideal for the outdoor cat.

The lower, ground floor level is enclosed and has a see through swing door to keep your cat protected and warm.

It comes in pieces, but is easily assembled.

Click here to get it here in the UK

Click here to get it here in the USA

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