About Me

Hi, my name´s Dec.

I´m English, but i´ve lived in Spain for the last 16 years, the climate suits me better.

MeI have a black cat who´s name is Ozzy, and as i write this, he´s sitting right in front of my monitor and i´m having to look around him to see what i´m typing…..you probably have a cat too, right? He or she probably does this too, right? He makes things more difficult than they should be, and i´ve lost too much blood from sneak attacks over the last four years, but i love that little fella.

It makes me happy when i find new food that he likes, or when i bring home a new toy for him. It makes me unhappy when he´s sick, or when i have to watch a vet stick a needle in him.

I have a little boy too, Niall is his name and he´s nearly three years old….Ozzy is a year older but the two can be challenging in very different ways. Niall takes up a lot of my time, as three year olds do, but this website and the time spent on it are dedicated to Ozzy.

Here we will look for not only the most awesome cat houses, but all things cat related, and whatever myself and Ozzy find, we´ll post here for your amusement.

Thanks for taking the time to know a bit about us.


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