Awesome Cat Toys

Cat Tunnel Toy

Cat Tunnel ToyWithout a doubt one of the best cat toys ever, this cat tunnel toy will keep your cat entertained for hours. Each of the three legs are 22″ long and the peep hole in the middle is simply irresistable to cats and kittens. It´s very cheap and very effective and collapses down to just 2″ so excellent for storage too.

It will encourage curiosity, play, stalking and will provide plenty of exercise as well as a great place to hide. We have nothing critical to say about it, we just love it.



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The Cat Food Maze

This item encThe Cat Food Mazeourages your cat to work for its food by making him move the food (or treats) through a maze until it gets to the bottom where it can be eaten. The maze can be altered to give different levels of difficulty and by slowing down the speed at which your cat eats, the cat food maze promotes healthier digestion and less upset tummies. Sounds like win/win right?

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Cat Exercise Wheel

Cat Exercise WheelPretty much the ultimate in luxury cat toys, the Cat Exercise Wheel will keep kitty fit with some indoor cardio workout on even the rainiest of days.

It is 48″ in diameter which is big enough to protect the cat´s back, it´s very strong and very light so easy to move about the house and cleaning is as simple as a wipe down with a damp cloth. Available in 4 colours it is complete cat luxury and loads of fun.

In our research we came across stories of people using these for dogs and even to wear out babies before bed!

As you´d expect though, this piece of cat heaven doesn´t come cheap……

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