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Three Platform Cat Activity Centre

Three Platform Cat Activity CentreThis 3 platform cat “Activity Centre” has it all. It´s pretty big (182cm) so probaly better for the multi cat house but all cats will be impressed. It boasts 3 perches, nice and high for full cat observation, 2 very cosy houses for comfort and 3 play mice for, well…….. play, and multiple areas to scratch. All in all it´s probably a bit too much cat tree for just the one cat, but if you have several, this is the tree you need and it´s probably cheaper than you think. This monster cat tree comes in various colours and might just make your little friend very happy indeed.

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The Cat Temple

The Cat TempleThis is the mother of all cat trees. It has multiple levels, and too many activities to count. Two very high perches, twin hammocks and cats love the hanging play rope. It is incredibly sturdy and has more scratching areas than any cat will ever get around to using.

If there is a complaint we would have about this item it would be the lack of a hiding place for kitty, some sort of enclosed space would be nice but the sheer number of other attractions can help you to forget about that.

It was designed in Holland and built to european quality specifications.

It´s so huge that unless you are a multiple cat family you should probably leave it alone, it might just be too much tree for one cat.

The Cat TempleThe Cat Temple is a massive dose of feline fun and my biggest fear would be that my cat would never get his ass off it!

As you can see from the pictures it comes in two colours and following a quick vote here we can declare that we believe the creme version on the left to be easier on the eye.

This kind of luxury doesn´t come cheap, but all things considered we think the price is fair.

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